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Selecting nodes by attribute


Nodes can be selected according to whether they have a specific value for a particular node attribute. Node attributes are domain specific.

To select nodes by matching on their attributes:

  1. Choose By Attribute ... from the Select menu.

    A Select by Attribute dialog appears.

  2. Pick a node attribute from the Node Attribute popup menu of the dialog.


  3. Enter the desired attribute value to match in the Value: entry field.

    The value can contain wildcard characters: `?' will match any single character, and `*' will match a sequence of zero or more characters.

  4. Toggle the Search Entire Graph item as required.

    Toggle on this item if you want to search for nodes in the whole graph model, or toggle off this item to search only in the active window.

  5. Click Select to start the search.

    Nodes with an attribute value matching the specified one are selected.

    A series of searches is possible; if you hold down the shift key while clicking Select, the matching nodes are added to the current selection (rather than replacing it).

James Uhl
Wed Jul 10 14:13:22 PDT 1996