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Window Basics


The rigiedit editor opens separate windows to provide multiple, usually editable perspectives of the graph model. Most of these windows have a scrollable canvas area, where a particular set of nodes and arcs is presented, and a message area at the bottom where informational messages are displayed. For example, a canvas window may present an overview of the subsystem hierarchy or the children of a parent node.

The initial window titled Root is used to display the parent(s) of the subsystem hierarchy; this window is always present.


The editor has a notion of a currently active window, where operations are applied. A mouse click in a window causes that window to become active and display ACTIVE in its title.

tex2html_wrap_inline4844 Note: On Unix platforms, the active window is unrelated to the pointer focus.

Most of the mouse interaction with rigiedit is through the left mouse button (such as choosing menu items or clicking buttons); the right mouse button is used only within a canvas area.

You can use the frame or control gadgets of a window to iconize, maximize, raise, lower, or delete windows. These operations depend on the window manager or operating system being used.

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