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Listing global variables


To list the current global Tcl variables:

  1. Click the RCL Command: button in the Workbench window.

    A Commands dialog appears.

  2. Pick the Global Vars choice in the dialog.

    A list of global Tcl variables matching the filter string in the dialog is presented.

  3. Type in a new filter string and press the enter key to update the list.

    The filter string can contain wildcard characters: `?' will match any single character, and `*' will match a sequence of zero or more characters.


  4. Select a variable from the list.
  5. If desired, click Show Value to present the current value of the variable.

    Or double-click a variable from the list.

    If the variable is a scalar, then a message appears with its value. If the variable is an array, then a textual window appears, listing all the individual elements; you can have several such windows at the same time.


  6. Click Done to dismiss these windows or the dialog.

James Uhl
Wed Jul 10 14:13:22 PDT 1996