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Listing available commands


To list the available Tcl procedures or RCL commands:

  1. Click the RCL Command: button in the Workbench window.

    A Commands dialog appears.

  2. Pick the Procedures choice in the dialog.

    A list of Tcl commands matching the filter string in the dialog is presented.

    tex2html_wrap_inline4854 Tip: [3.25in] If the command entry field is non-empty when you clicked on the RCL Command: button, the (partial) entry is used as the basis for filtering items in the list.

  3. Type in a filter string and press the enter key to update the list.


    The filter string can contain wildcard characters: `?' will match any single character, and `*' will match a sequence of zero or more characters.

    All RCL commands have the same rcl_ prefix. Some useful filter strings are:


  4. Select a command from the list.
  5. If desired, click Show Script to present the argument list and body of the selected command.

    Or double-click a command from the list.

    A textual window appears; you can have several such windows at the same time.

  6. If desired, click Enter Command to transfer the selected command to the command entry field.
  7. Click Done to dismiss the dialog.

James Uhl
Wed Jul 10 14:13:22 PDT 1996