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Modifying a configuration file


To modify an existing configuration file:

  1. Choose Configuration from the Options menu.

    A Configuration dialog appears, showing a list of configuration parameters.

    For each parameter, there is a short description, the corresponding environment variable which would override it, and the current value.

    The configuration file being modified is indicated in the title bar of the dialog.


  2. Pick a parameter from the list by left clicking on it.
  3. Click Edit Item to edit the current value for this parameter.

    A dialog window appears, presenting an entry field.

    tex2html_wrap_inline4854 Tip: [3.1875in] You could also double-click on a parameter from the list to present this dialog.


  4. Make the required change and click Done.

    Or click Cancel to cancel and return to the Configuration dialog.

    Clicking Default retrieves the default value of the selected parameter.

  5. Click Done to commit the changes and dismiss the Configuration dialog.

    If you made any changes, an alert appears asking whether you want to save them.

  6. Click OK.

    Or click Cancel to cancel without changes.

    If you clicked OK, you will be reminded to exit and restart rigiedit to see the changes.

The usual parameters to change are:


tex2html_wrap_inline4844 Note: You need to restart rigiedit (with the appropriate configuration file) to use the changed configuration parameters.

James Uhl
Wed Jul 10 14:13:22 PDT 1996