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Directory Structure


This section outlines the main parts of the distribution directory structure.

        db/                     database directory
                arixi-d/                SQL/DS demo files
                list-d/                 list demo files
                ray-d/                  ray demo files
                ds-d/                   DS demo files
        domain/                 domain directory
                c/                      C domain files
                plas/                   PL/AS domain files
                wcode/                  W-Code domain files
                xref/                   XREF domain files
        icons/                  toolbar icons
        rcl/                    Rigi Command Library
        tmp/                    temporary files (Windows only)
        sun4-sunos4/            SPARC SunOS 4 executables (Sun only)
        rs6000-aix4/            RS/6000 AIX 4 executables (RS/6000 only)
        tcl7.4/                 Tcl 7.4 library files
        tk4.0/                  Tk 4.0 library files

James Uhl
Wed Jul 10 14:13:22 PDT 1996