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Arranging reachable nodes along incoming arcs into a tree


You can arrange, into a tree layout, all the nodes which depend on a selected node. The tree is laid out going up the active window; the reachable nodes appear higher than the root.

  1. Select the root node for the tree layout.
  2. Pick the appropriate arc type for the incoming arcs from the Arc Type palette.

    The any choice in the palette matches any arc type.

    Since composite arcs may contain (elided) non-composite arcs of the specified arc type, the traversal may pass through these composite arcs to build the tree. The composite arc type choice matches only composite arcs.

  3. Choose Settings from the Options menu.

    A Settings dialog appears.

  4. Adjust the Tree Depth slider to the depth you want.

    If the slider is -1, the depth is infinite and the full incoming reachability tree would be laid out.


  5. Click Done to dismiss the dialog.
  6. Choose Reverse Tree from the Layout menu.

    Nodes that are reachable along incoming arcs of the specified arc type to the given depth from the selected root node are arranged into a tree in the active window.



James Uhl
Wed Jul 10 14:13:22 PDT 1996