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Showing and hiding nodes by type


To show or hide nodes by their node types in the active window:

  1. Choose By Node Type ... from the Filter menu.

    A Filter by Node Type dialog appears.


    tex2html_wrap_inline4844 Note: Settings made in this dialog only affect the window that was active at the time the dialog was brought up; the ID of the relevant window appears in the title bar of the dialog.

  2. Toggle on the node types to hide or toggle off the node types to show in the dialog.
  3. Click Apply.

    Nodes in the active window are hidden or shown according to the chosen node type filter settings.

  4. Click Done to dismiss the dialog.

tex2html_wrap_inline4854 Tip: Use the Filter by Node Type dialog as a legend to the node types in the current domain model.

To reveal this dialog if covered by other windows, choose Raise Active from the Window menu or choose By Node Type ... from the Filter menu again.

James Uhl
Wed Jul 10 14:13:22 PDT 1996