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Creating a new arc


To create a new arc:

  1. Pick an arc type for the new arc from the Arc Type palette.


  2. Place the pointer over the starting node, hold down the shift key, and press the right mouse button.
  3. Drag the pointer to the ending node and release the mouse button.

    An arc of the specified type is created from the starting node to the ending node.

    The current selection set is not disturbed.

    tex2html_wrap_inline4854 Tip: To create a self arc, when the starting and ending nodes are the same, drag the pointer to the top of the node and release.

    Trying to ``create'' an already existing arc merely selects the arc.

tex2html_wrap_inline4844 Note: You cannot directly create level arcs in any window; level arcs are only created when you collapse nodes into a subsystem.

Only up to one arc is permitted between a given source and destination; multi-arcs are not supported.


James Uhl
Wed Jul 10 14:13:22 PDT 1996