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The following items can be viewed or downloaded for free:

The Rigi application software

Rigi for Windows 2000 and XP
Rigi for Windows95 and Windows NT
Rigi for Linux 2.0 Systems (ix86)
Rigi for IBM AIX 4 Systems (RS6000)
Rigi for SunOS 4 Systems (sun4)
Rigi for Solaris Systems (sun4)

Rigi Source Code

The Rigi User Manual

Current Version [PS] (3542K) | [PDF] (904K)
Version 5.4.1 only [HTML]

Index of Rigi Commands

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The following three demos, which are included with the software, give an overview of various reverse engineering tasks that have been performed with Rigi:

list shows the basic features of the Rigi system on a small list implementation written in C. This demo can also be viewed by clicking here.

ray shows the result of analyzing a ray tracer, comprised of approximately 10000 lines of C code, written by Brian Corrie.

SQL illustrates the use of Rigi on a portion of IBM's SQL/DS product written in PL/AS. The system contains 928 nodes (that is, modules, variables, and structures), and the demo illustrates how user defined extensions to the system may be used to perform system aggregation appropriate to the user's needs.